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studioPERCEPT is a Pune based design collaborative led by Sonal Jawale and Pankaj Chaudhary. The studio is committed to Architecture, Interior Architecture, Sustainability and Research.

studioPERCEPT was conceived as an idea to perceive, interpret and organize user’s senses; a place where culture of design is a way of life; reflecting sensitivity towards the context, holistic view, sustainability and pragmatism. No project is too small to be designed.

“Good Design shapes us and our future.” We believe in a holistic approach towards design which is process oriented, inclusive, user centric, environmentally conscious & pragmatically innovative; paving way towards more socially and ecologically resilient world.

With a belief that Design Research fosters innovation and opens up new avenues to explore, we continue to seek answers to the challenges faced by clients and designers. The benchmark of delivery is set to be at ‘a Happy Client’.

At studioPERCEPT we take an integrated approach towards design + delivery. Through a participatory process using design as a strategy, provide solutions that effect real transformation, helping the clients to grow and sustain. We undertake turnkey work to ensure coherence in all stages, right from design inception to construction completion.

We follow an organized design methodology from perception to ideas and implementation. The process involves exploring and communicating through physical models, feasibility studies, hand drawn sketches and computer aided design models to explore geometries and parametric design solutions.